Social Support Programs

Are you wanting to engage in social activities with other members of your community? PCLC has a variety of programs that will support you in maintaining an active social life, learning new skills and making new friends.

 All of our programs are aimed at improving your wellbeing, maintain your independence, remain at home longer and give you the freedom to do the things you’re passionate about.

If you are aged over 65 years, you may be eligible for the Commonwealth Home Support Program. 

Walking Group – Wednesdays FREE

Meet here at 9am on Wednesdays for a walk around the Neighbourhood, then stay of for Chatty Cafe

Chatty Cafe – Wednesday Gold Coin

Our Chatty Cafe is a relaxed way to meet new people over a cup of tea or coffee and some light morning tea. All community members are welcome, pop in we would love to meet you!

TJANABI – Thursdays FREE

Join us for Games Conversation and More!


Improve your physical and emotional wellbeing. Simple movements to improve muscle strength, fitness and flexibility. Focus is on increasing mobility and stability as well as improving mental health and making new friends. 


Learn to use your digital devices such as smartphones, computers and tablet to connect with people and access essential services over the internet.


Participants are able to work on their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills through our creative approach to learning which includes role-play, interviews, group excursions, giving and listening to spoken information, reading and writing short messages, grammar, pronunciation and more


Our art classes are designed for students to have the freedom and flexibility to work on their own projects and/or students who want to learn the basics of drawing and painting through exploration of colour, composition, perspective and technique. 

PCLC’s Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) services are supported by the Australian Government Department of Health. The subsidy programme does not fund the full cost of the programs with each participant needing to pay a small contribution.

Our Intake Officer will discuss the cost of the programs at your initial
appointment, before you start a program.  Special consideration is available to people experiencing financial difficulty. 

Please call us on (03) 9510 7052 or write us an email on for more information.

CHSP helps senior Australians access entry-level support services to live independently and safely at home. CHSP works with you to maintain your independence rather than doing things for you.

Before you can access government-subsidised aged care services for
the first time, you need to apply for an assessment. Using the online application is quick and easy and will only take 15 to 20 minutes to complete and can be accessed via the My Aged Care website.

It’s the same form to apply for all types of care and support – including help at home, short-term care, and social support programs.

You can complete the application yourself or on behalf of a family member or friend. If you’d like to set up an ongoing representative, you can also do that here.

There are three parts. The first checks you are eligible, the second captures your details, and the third confirms who the assessor should call to arrange the assessment. You will need your Medicare card and enough time to complete it.

You can call us for more information on (03) 9510 7052.

Want to Enrol?

Talk to us on (03) 9510 7052 for more information. Alternatively, click the button below to download and fill our Enquiry Form. Once you have finished filling the form, please send it to and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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