Child Care


Enrolling children is a requirement under Family Assistance Law for all children who attend child care (or have an arrangement for care) regardless of their parent’s or guardian’s eligibility for Child Care Subsidy.

Procedure for Enrolling at PCLC is as follows:

Families are invited to come on a tour of the PCLC Occasional Care Service.

During the tour the following information will be provided:

  • Fees
  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Sun smart requirements
  • Signing in and out procedure
  • Room routines
  • Educator qualifications
  • Introduction of educator in the room with the child
  • Educator and parent communication

Families are invited to ask questions and seek any further information they require.

Any matters that are sensitive of nature, such as discussing a child’s medical needs, Court Orders, parenting plans or parenting orders, will be discussed privately with management. Families will be required to bring any corresponding documents in relation to court orders, medical needs or plans.

PCLC will supply all prospective families with a copy of the OCC Handbook which outlines the Service operation and values.

Families will be provided with vacancies, a starting date and a suitable time for the child to be orientated to the Service.

Families are encouraged to make a claim for Child Care Subsidy with Centrelink prior to enrolment. A Child Care Subsidy claim can stay active for a year without any sessions of care being reported for the child.

Once Child Care Subsidy confirmation details have been confirmed, PCLC can then formalise enrolment.

Families are required to supply a completed enrolment form for each child.

For each child a copy of a current Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR) History Statement is required, which shows that the child is up to date with their scheduled immunisations. The ACIR is a national register administered by Medicare that records details of vaccinations given to children.

It is a requirement from the Family Assistance Office that immunisation information is continuous.

Once all the information is checked PCLC will create a new enrolment notice through the PEP for each child. Note: the enrolment notice must be in the name of the individual who is eligible for the child care subsidy (i.e. the person who made the claim) in order for payments to be made.

After PCLC submits an enrolment notice for a child, the individual will be notified and asked to check the main enrolment notice details. This will occur through their Centrelink online account. Where an individual cannot access myGov, they can confirm their enrolment over the phone with Centrelink or by visiting a Centrelink office.

The individual must then indicate that either:

  • The enrolment details are correct
  • One or more enrolment details are incorrect (do not reflect their arrangement)

PCLC can enter information (detailing the care provided) before the individual reviews the enrolment and responds.

Once the enrolment is confirmed, entitlements to Child Care Subsidy and Additional Child Care Subsidy will be calculated and child care fee assistance payments can begin.

PCLC will be notified through the PEP when an enrolment has been confirmed.

If an individual disagrees with the details of an enrolment at the point of enrolment confirmation, they can send details of the disagreement back through their Centrelink online account and these will be sent on to PCLC.

After reviewing the details in dispute, PCLC can either:

  • Agree there was an error and submit an updated enrolment notice with the correct information, or
  • State that the details are correct, meaning the individual has misread or misunderstood the details in dispute.

Want to Enrol?

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