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Child Care Subsidy

Families will need to complete a streamlined online Child Care Subsidy assessment by providing their 2019-2020 family income estimate, their activity details and confirming their child’s enrolment. These details can be provided through their Centrelink online account via or through Express Plus Centrelink mobile app.

Centrelink will send families an assessment of their CCS eligibility and entitlement after they complete their CCS assessment or CCS claim online. CCS will be paid directly to PCLC Occasional Care on behalf of these families.

Families can claim CCS by providing you and your child’s Customer Reference Number (CRN) to PCLC during enrolment. This may reduce your fees and make your upfront fees more affordable.

CCS also applies to 42 allowable absences per child, per year, across all services you use. After allowable absences have been exceeded, CCS will only be applied to absences if a medical certificates/documentation is provided for additional days of absence.

For further information please contact the Department of Human Services (DHS) between 8am and 8pm on 136 150 to obtain you and your child’s CRN and to link your child to the Vacation Care Program. Please advise DHS that you wish to claim CCS (if you meet the work/study requirements set by the DHS).

If you do not link your child with the PCLC Occasional Child Care through DHS, or confirm your child’s enrolment through your myGov account, or if you do not claim CCS, you will be charged full fees.

You can read more about the Child Care Subsidy and Activity Test, and can complete an online estimator at

It is the responsibility of the parent to register for Child Care Subsidy.

This can be done by contacting Centrelink either in person,

by phone on 136 150 or by accessing their My Gov account at 

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