Vision, Mission & Values

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Our Vision, Mission and Values


To provide a welcoming, purposeful and dynamic alternative Learning Centre, which plays a pivotal role of providing education and support through an accessible, flexible and inclusive environment to its diverse community.


Prahran Community Learning Centre is actively driven by the needs and wants of its community. It provides a holistic learner focussed service, within a welcoming, safe and comfortable environment.


We provide people with opportunities to engage in quality, affordable community education and learning.

We provide people with quality education options that allow them to learn in a centre which is flexible, understanding and nurturing.

We know our community and our students and we can develop an educational plan targeted to their needs.

We support lifelong learning and provide inclusive, affordable and supported education.

We encourage independence: acting with impartiality and integrity.

We are accountable with transparent reporting and effective stewardship of resources.

We are innovative: shaping our future through creativity and leadership.

We show respect and consideration of self, others and the environment.

We collaborate, working as a team with partners and communities.

We are committed to increasing the educational levels of our community, overcoming social isolation and increasing group interaction and skill development.


2015 Strategic Plan

2015 Annual Report